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Matt O'Brien's Biography

Matt the Producer

Matt has been a musician since the early 90s.  In the late 90s he spread his wings and began studying music at the Chicago Music College at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL.  Although being in bands during this time made him grow as a musician, he discovered that recording was also a deep new found passion.  As the turn of the century passed, Matt began recording and writing more original material on his own.  A fellow colleague introduced him to the world of digital recording.  Through bouts of trial and error, Matt recorded annual mini-albums of cover songs with his sister performing some of the vocal duties.  This was great for Matt as it allowed him to experiment and hone in on the perfect sound he was in search of  within his productions.  Many riffs were catalogued and saved during this time and eventually comprised most of the Cycle of Infinity's musical foundation.  As these riffs grew into phrases that could be parts of songs, Matt began writing a science-fiction short story of a hero who gets sucked through time millions of years into the future to save beings from an evil presence that have been malevolently assimilating the entire universe.  Once the story was complete, Matt matched the various riffs with the parts of the story that felt right, eventually brought together in a concept album that would be in production from 2011 to 2016 off and on.  Throughout all this time he was able to better his craft as a musician and a producer.  What you hear in Cycle of Infinity is the evolution of Matt's music that will continue to blossom as more music is created. 

Matt the Instructor

Matt also has 10+ years of teaching experience.  His teaching style concentrates strictly on proper technique, rhythmic control, and note reading.  With consistent practice, his students are empowered with the concepts and tools to perform successfully in front of any audience. He graduated from Roosevelt University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in music studying classical and jazz guitar.  His musical style is influenced by metal, classic rock, blues, country, classical music and various other genres that his students enjoy. Matt was in various bands throughout the years that included performing heavy metal, hard rock, blues, and other forms of music.  He strengthens his teaching and playing through daily practice.  Matt specializes in teaching students with movement disorders such as essential tremors, and focal (musician's) dystonia. He also instructs students who have special needs and utilizes a patient and steady approach to keep the student rewarded and engaged.